Just a few of our services offered:


Environmental Monitoring Well Locations

Municipal and Private Water Well Locations

Oil and Gas Well Locations

Tower Locations

Environmental Incident Surveys

Wetland Limit Mapping
Forest/Timber Area Limit

Mapping Infrastructure and Utility Surveys

Utility Service Main Connection Locations

Easement Surveys

Parcel Area Surveys

Complete Surveying & Mapping Solutions

Witalec Surveying and Mapping was formed in 2005 to provide superior field data collection. We serve governmental and utility clients, design consultants, attorneys, title companies, property managers, developers, private firms and individuals. We specialize in the most efficient field data collection possible to obtain accurate and complete data sets for your AM/FM/GIS or other project needs.

We will meet with you to define the project needs and then collect the data accurately and efficiently. You can be assured that quality data will be delivered on time and on budget!

If you require any of the services detailed in the “Services List” Link, please allow us the opportunity to provide a quote.